One of the best parts of being a parent is being able to watch your child grow and develop. Once they’re born, they’ll start hitting specific milestones throughout their lives and it can be exciting and scary. It’s important to have an idea of what these developmental milestones are and approximately when they might happen. You should know that some children may hit their milestones a little later and it isn’t usually a cause for concern. Your pediatrician will help you monitor these milestones and help accommodate any delays that may occur.

Monitoring Developmental Milestones

Developmental milestones are a great way to watch your child grow and make their own decisions. It can help your pediatrician monitor where your child is in their development and if there are any concerns that may arise. If your child is delayed on developmental milestones, they may be dealing with certain conditions that can affect their social and physical development. It’s usually not a big deal, and some lifestyle changes may need to be made to help your child succeed.

These milestones can start as early as 2 months old. You’ll notice your child begins to smile, reacts to your voice, giggles, and can start to hold their head up. These milestones will continue to improve as they get older, and they continue to develop. Eventually, the milestones will turn into speaking and walking.

Watching your child hit these milestones can be exciting. They’ll start to develop a personality as they grow and it can be exciting to keep track of all these firsts. Not only is it exciting to watch, but it’s important to your overall health to ensure that they’re hitting these milestones around the age that they should.

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When you’re getting ready to watch your child hit their milestones, you want to make sure you’re prepared for what may happen! Make sure you understand when developmental milestones might happen and when you might want to bring your child to their pediatrician with concerns. Contact your pediatrician to learn more.